Forgot to give my daily weight update. As of 1-23-06 I am 239.6 that is 85.9 pounds since surgery (8-30-2005) and that is 119.9 since being sick and in the hospital May/June 2005.

Overall doing good I am walking either 30 min a day or 1 mile. I sometimes change it out a little. I was able to run for 5 minutes the other day which is amazing for me. I try not to get my heart rate above 140 for any length of time. I lift some weights not a lot and not heavy. Just building up after all the fun I have been through (NOT).

Work is good, been real busy with new server builds and taking on a new roll. So the workout really helps unwinded and makes me forget about the job. I still need to get more motivated to be consistant with working out.

Going to go for now.


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