Old Picture

Wow, just received an old picture taken of me while in the hospital back May 25, 2005. Here I am at probably 345 pounds. This is when Barbara Metcalf from Pacific Laparoscopy came in for pre-op photos and paperwork. I did not have surgery then due to insurance run around. I did have surgery August 30, 2005 as you have seen in other blogs. I weighed 325.6 the day of vertical gastrectomy. As of January 10, 2006 I weigh 244.8 over 100 pounds since I got sick May 3, 2005. That is over 80 pounds since surgery just under 5 months. Weight wise I am doing pretty good still have a ways to go to be under obese status.

Can you believe that I am 6 foot tall and they want me to be 170-180 pounds, so call "ideal". Hell I would smaller than a bean pole. I will be very happy to get down to 200 even a little less. I have not seen below 200 since, oh heck, probably high school.

Now the heart is another issue for another entry. I will let you go.

Take care


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